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is a new oral clear skin supplement.

See TAUMAG® work against your mild to moderate acne!

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In a patented dose-specific synergistic-action formulation for clearing skin

Why the “phase-out?”

Unwanted phase in life

Because acne is traditionally viewed as a phase of adolescence that everyone would like to do without.

2 Phase Process

TAUMAG® use begins with a clearing phase at higher dose for weeks or months, followed by a maintenance phase at lower dose for weeks or months or sporadically.

Helping Solve the Puzzle

Despite thousands of years of anti-acne remedies, and almost 200 years of “modern” dermatology research into acne, acne has remained an unsolved puzzle.

The research that went into TAUMAG® represents a New Approach to acne and New Insights into why it happens, helping to put together a lot of the puzzle pieces

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Highlights of TAUMAG®

Nature’s Original Method

Designed to biochemically trigger/amplify nature’s original mechanisms for keeping sebum production in check and sebum flow smooth

Free of Bad Side Effects

Unlike most acne products

Targets Sebum in 2-Prong Way

2-Prong for simultaneously decreasing sebum and dissolving deep clogs

Aims to Stop Acne Early

May be the best chance to halt acne at its early onset in life — before it ever becomes chronic, aggressive, severe, or even distressing



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For persons low in levels of vitamin D, vitamin A, and/or Zinc, adding D-A-Z-BOOSTER-FOR-TAUMAG to the daily regimen could optimize TAUMAG’s potential.

D-A-Z-BOOSTER-FOR-TAUMAG supports the transport of TAUMAG® across cell membranes — enabling more TAUMAG® to perform anti-acne actions inside target cells.

For All Skin Tones

Taking TAUMAG® early — soon after the first onset of acne — may be especially beneficial for people with skin of color, because skin of color is susceptible to long-term scarring from even mild acne lesions